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Eastern inspired Weddings - paper lanterns via National Vintage Wedding Fair blog

Eastern themed weddings

As westeners we have a fascination with the East and its mysteries.  Whether you draw inspiration from India, China, Japan or Morocco, adding elements will make your wedding day feel exotic, colourful and that bit different.  Here’s some of our favourite ways to create the look. Beautiful invites using eastern script, gilt details and ethnic patterns – […] Read more…

Vintage wedding accessories from Connie and Dolly at the National Vintage Wedding Fair

London Vintage Wedding Fair is this Sunday!

We are so excited about this Sunday’s vintage wedding fair as we return to London for one last time this season. We won’t be back until November so that’s quite a break! We realise there are a lot of wedding fairs out there so we wanted to take a moment to let you know about […] Read more…

Bright colour at Weddings - coloured accessories via National Vintage Wedding Fair blog

The futures bright…

Vintage weddings…muted colours, pastels and pretty saccharine theming, right?  Wrong!  Well wrong if bright colour is your thing.  Are you the kind of person who loves a flash of orange or bright red, adores a bright pattern or just can’t get enough of fluro?  Well, in todays styling tips blog we show you some exciting ways to make […] Read more…

Vintage wedding styling by Nina Marika at the National Vintage Wedding Fair

Manchester Vintage Wedding Fair at Victoria Baths

This Sunday we are in Manchester for the first time and to say we are excited is an understatement! We have been on the look out for an amazing venue for ages for a Manchester Vintage Wedding Fair, one that is the right size but also steeped in history. And boy did we strike lucky […] Read more…

yellow at Weddings - sweet table via National Vintage Wedding Fair blog

Yellow Fever

One of the colours we see used most in Spring weddings is the colour yellow.  Bright, fun, it makes you feel happy and will brighten up any wedding theme.  Here’s some sunny ideas to make your wedding day shine! If you don’t want to over do it flashes of yellow can work beautifully.  A sock, […] Read more…


10 ways to use candles in wedding styling

Candles add an extra element to any setting they are used in.  As part of wedding set up they can add light, class, décor and even warmth if necessary.  Have a look at 10 ways to make your venue glow as much as you will… 1)  Start things on the right note by sending your […] Read more…

1940s vintage wedding dress shot by Sally Forder for Binky Nixon for the National Vintage Wedding Fair

Save the Date: 1940’s

The 1940s wedding dress came in many forms during this decade. With the backdrop of war, austerity and of course rationing, a bride had to make do and mend for her big day, be it by borrowing, creating or by not wearing a wedding gown at all. Often brides would borrow a dress that had […] Read more…

Easter Weddings - pastels and flowers via National Vintage Wedding Fair blog

Easter Weddings

Easter is a fantastic time of the year to have a wedding. Just as Spring flowers are blooming and the fields are full of baby animals, so your marriage signifies the start of a new life together, the start of a blossoming future! An Easter wedding is a time to embrace a sugary sweet colour palette – image the candy shells […] Read more…

Butterflies at Weddings - bridesmaids dress via National Vintage Wedding Fair blog

The Butterfly Effect

Butterflies are one of nature’s most beautiful creatures and they can add a touch of elegance, a pop of colour or a surprising quirky look to any wedding. Now to be clear, we mean faux butterfly decorations, illustrations or prints – not the real thing!   There are so many ways you can incorporate these different type […] Read more…

Engagement rings and wedding bands

How to wear your engagement ring and wedding band

Your engagement ring and wedding band symbolises your love, trust and eternal bond. It also indicates to others that you have made a lifelong commitment to your prince charming. Essentially, your engagement and wedding are two significant milestones in your life. However, a lot of women are unsure of how to wear their engagement ring […] Read more…

Rustic Weddings - venue via National Vintage Wedding Fair blog

Rustic Weddings

A rustic wedding theme is a great theme to consider for a Spring or Summer wedding.  But what is rustic?  Its formal description is 1. Of or relating to the countryside; rural.  2. Having a simplicity and charm that is considered typical of the countryside. 3. Made in a plain and simple fashion.  So now you know! Use […] Read more…

Catwalk & Stage-208

Manchester wedding fair is this weekend!

He has proposed. You have accepted! You’re getting married, it’s the biggest day of your life, so how are you going to create your perfect wedding? Where do you possibly start? Help is at hand. The North West Wedding Fair, taking place at EventCity from 26-28 September, is the ultimate day out for wedding inspiration. […] Read more…

Spring Wedding style - tulip bouquet via National Vintage Wedding Fair blog

Spring Wedding Style

Its March!  Easter is coming, the weather is warmer and the days longer.  Having a wedding in the Spring sets the scene for a certain type of day.  The weather is mild although not hot, flowers such as Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths and Crocus’ are in bloom and colour palettes such as yellows, greens and pastels work beautifully. So where […] Read more…

1970s vintage wedding dress and VW camper vanby the National Vintage Wedding Fair

Save the Date: A 1970s Vintage Wedding

The 1970s wedding dress continued where the 1960s finished; with long, floaty gowns and wide romantic sleeves. The mood of the day was bohemian which continues to be a key trend today. Dresses were designed with layers of polyester chiffon, creating large capes and handkerchief edged details. They were generally high necked with front bibs, […] Read more…

Pink - pink bridesmaids dresses and peony bouquet via National Vintage Wedding Fair blog

Pretty in Pink

Pink is a very common colour used at weddings.  There is a reason for this – it’s lovely! Whether you go for a pretty pastel shade, a fun bubblegum colour or a dramatic fuchsia you can make it work for you.  In today’s blog we share some ideas to make pink your favourite colour forever. […] Read more…

using sparkle - sparklers via National Vintage Wedding Fair blog

10 ways to sparkle on your wedding day

Sparkle and weddings go hand in hand – whether its gold, silver, sequins or glitter, a sparkly look gives a magical and glamorous look to any wedding.  Whether you want a dramatic, magical, over the top look or a elegant, glittery, subtle look the choice is yours. Here are 10 ways to make your day sparkle… 1)  Add […] Read more…

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