A 1940′s tea party wedding

In todays real wedding blog we get the chance to share the Laura and Andrew’s gorgeous 1940′s style tea party vintage wedding.

NVWF:   Tell us about yourselves? How long have you know each other?

Myself and Andrew had been together for 9 years. Andrew is my best friends brother and I fell for him from the  first time I saw him – he was the cool older brother and I was just his  kid sisters friend but I won him round eventually! We first really got  together at a music festival as we both love music and the rest they say is history.


NVWF:   What was your vision for your wedding when you were growing up a was it vintage or more traditional?

We really wanted to go for a 1940′s theme wedding, as I love all things vintage and the 40′s is my favourite decade. We found it very difficult to find clothing from the period so had to compromise a bit by buying items from the 1950′s and having them altered. I did manage to have my 1940′s champagne flutes for the toast though which I was super happy about. I purchased my jewellery from a vintage flea market that takes place in my town of Filton and a friend lent me a vintage bracelet to wear as something borrowed


NVWF:   What elements of your day were vintage inspired?

I tied bunting in the room we had afternoon tea in,  I used old vintage scarves to decorate the staircase and made big tablecloths out of old floral king-sized duvet covers to cover the tables. I also collected lots of vintage embroidered table cloths that went on the tables along with old sweet  tins. We used large sweet jars that we filled with sweets from the 1940’s as table name place markers and each person had to look for their sweet to see what table they were sat on.




Our wedding transport was lovely. The cars arrived in plenty of time and were available after the ceremony so we  could get lots of lovely photos with the beautiful cars. My dad had the  biggest smile on his face while we were travelling to the venue and I  know that’s because the journey was just magically in the beautiful 1936 Austin Westminster.



All of Andrews groomsmen were dressed with flashes of 1940′s inspiration including quiffed hair, contrast brogues and black braces – even our guests joined in on the fun, with 1950′s style prom dresses, red lipstick and feathered hats.



NVWF:   How did you choose your dress?

I really wanted a 1940’s dress but searched everywhere and couldn’t find one I loved. Then I went to Luxe Bridal and found the perfect 1950’s tea dress. It was  perfect for dancing around in and was a bit of fun. I still had my heart set on a full length dress for the ceremony though and I found the perfect one on eBay. It was being sold by a relative of the person who had owned it – it had been shipped from America and had been kept in a trunk in the attic since it was worn on their wedding day. As soon as it arrived you could feel the history and love in it and I knew it was perfect. My crown tiara came with my wedding dress, it was handmade to match the beading of the dress so it was fate that  they should all be worn together. I even wore the old garter that  arrived with a dress…something old and blue in one go.


NVWF:  What about the bridesmaids?

All the bridesmaids dresses were original vintage dating from the 1930′s to the 1940′s which I had altered along with my wedding dress by Susan Gilby. I also handmade all the hair accessories from scraps of ribbon and lace.  The addition of handmade flower corsages tied the bridesmaids together seamlessly.  Matching coloured vintage costume jewellery was sourced for each of the bridesmaids which was presented as gifts in dainty hand-made handbags.


NVWF:  Did you work closely with your photographer?

My wedding photographer Charlie was  amazing – she captured everything perfectly throughout the day. Our pictures aren’t like pictures at all, they are like looking back in time at all the little special moments and things that happened. When I look at them I remember little conversations and bits that make me smile and it feels like it happened just yesterday.

NVWF:  Tell us about the venue and reception?

Leigh Court was the perfect venue for us.  After the ceremony our photographer took the opportunity to line all the guests up outside for the confetti throwing, and we walked through a long tunnel of their guests whilst being showered in pastel petals. Pimms was served on the back lawn, and we swept the bride groom and their nearest and dearest away for some group shots.


Thanks to the Vintage China Hire, the dining room had been transformed using delicate vintage teacups, mismatched with ornate teapots, floral doilies and china cake stands. It was the intricate details and personal touches which really made the difference - female guests were gifted with hand knitted cupcakes for scenting drawers, whilst the male guests were treated to personalised handkerchiefs.  Miniature crackers provided an icebreaker around the tables and wild pastel toned seasonal flowers were scattered in glass vases. High tea was served with miniature sandwiches and fresh cream cakes whilst a Rockabilly band set up in the adjoining room.



The evening entertainment included a rockabilly band and outside barbecue - a lovely relaxed evening to top off a perfect wedding day.  Our first dance was True Love Ways by Buddy Holly as I have always loved the song – it has a really lovely  message in it and it’s not too much of a typical love song. Listen to it and you’ll know what I mean!


NVWF:  Any words of advice for future brides planning their special day?

If I could impart any words of wisdom for future brides I would say start early. Even if people think you are doing it too early you can never be too prepared especially if you have an idea or a theme in mind. You have to do some serious hunting around to get what you want so allow yourself plenty of time to do it.

NVWF:   And finally, what was the best part of the day?

One of the most memorable moments of the day was seeing the smile on Andrews face – he was the  happiest I have ever seen him. He didn’t have a huge involvement in the  planning and organising so most things were a bit of a surprise to him but I could genuinely tell he loved every bit and was chuffed with every moment.  Everything was just lovely and perfect and everyone that came really had a really great day.



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Credits -

Unless stated otherwise all photography:  Charlene Morton Photography

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Written by Sarah Gorlov.

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Easter Weddings

Easter is a perfect time to have a vintage wedding.  The weather is warming up, flowers are in good supply and Spring is great for all the pretty styling we love to see at a vintage style wedding.  Looking for some inspiration?  Then look no further as we show you some great ideas for the perfect Easter wedding day.

Easter is the perfect time to fill your venue and reception with pretty pastel flowers.  Use them over doorways, in displays and formed into hearts.  For a Easter wedding the more flowers the better as Spring is in the air and fresh flowers reiterates that perfectly.





As the weather is warmer look at ways to add an Easter feel to outdoor spaces.  Add bunting across open areas for a pretty, village fair look.



How about this for a great bar?  Hire a mobile bar housed in a vintage van for a Spring look that works perfectly at Easter.  Add pot of flowers around it and let the drinks flow…



For Easter themed table décor that isn’t too obvious, use simple motifs such as eggs, butterflies and birds in nests.  Use vintage glass cloches to house table displays.



On the table keep the flowers simple by using egg-cups and blown egg shells as flower vases.  Group together in odd numbered groups with Spring flowers in such as Pansies and Lilly of the Valley for an adorable look.



Create adorable Easter themed name holders out of little nests including a few chocolate egg favours too.  Not only will your guests find their seats easily they’ll get a chocolate treat too!



As a little touch fold your napkins into a rabbit shape…you know you want to.



An Easter wedding call for an above average wedding cake.  Look for design incorporating chocolate eggs or pastels colours.  We love this naturalistic birds in their nest design…stunning!



For fun favours create sponge ‘earthy’ treats topped with a chocolate bunny.  Scoop broken up sponge dessert into flower pot cups and top with mint leaves and chocolate bunnies.  Yummy.



Traditional Easter food can be great for wedding snacking.  Give your guests mini hot cross buns with butter or clotted cream for a great hunger reliever between day and evening events.  For a great vintage feel serve on mismatching vintage plates with horn handled butter knives and ramekins filled with butter.



If you don’t fancy a white dress, Easter means you can choose a stunning blush coloured dress and matching pastel bouquet.  Look for bouquets with buds of blossom or traditional Spring flowers in them.  So pretty and so of the Easter season.



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Written by Sarah Gorlov

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A Map & Scrabble wedding in a 1870s former chapel

In todays real wedding blog we get the chance to share the fantastic vintage wedding of Eilis and Mike, school teachers from Birmingham.

NVWF:   Tell us about yourselves? How long have you know each other?

I was born and brought up in Birmingham by my Dublin born parents but Mike is a country bumpkin who moved here from his folks’ North Staffordshire dairy farm when he started teaching.  We met in January 2003 when I was a 19 year old teaching assistant and he, a 22 year old newly qualified teacher.  Ten years on, after sharing many cocktails, beers, meals, taxis, kebabs, parties, train rides, short plane journeys, long plane journeys, treks, walks, climbs, tours, tents, cabins, hammocks, towels, laughs and homes, we got married.


NVWF:   When did you get engaged and then when did you marry?

Mike popped the question in August 2012 on a beautiful secluded beach on Gili Air, one of the tiny islands between Bali and Lombock in Indonesia.  It was around 40 degrees, we had arrived on a fishing boat that anchored a little way out from the shore so that we had to carry our bags above our heads and walk through the ocean to get to the beach. I’d never been anywhere like it; crystal clear ocean and white sand –  it was perfect.   We were married six months later on Friday 5th April 2013.

NVWF:   What was your vision for your wedding ?

We weren’t too fussed on all of the wedding traditions but being Catholic, we wanted a mass to celebrate our marriage and then, a big party with good music, good food and all our friends and family.  We were married in my family parish church, St Ambrose Barlow which is not always heralded as being very aesthetically pleasing but, it is where I’ve grown up and the community we’re part of so it was important.  Amy, our photographer, managed to get some great snaps inside and made it look quite beautiful.


NVWF:   Why did you want a vintage wedding and what elements were vintage?

We wanted people to come to our wedding and say ‘It was very you’.  I use the royal ‘we’ here as Mike entrusted me with all things artistic. We created a collage made up of maps and loads of our ticket stubs for gigs, flights, shows and games then we had it made up as a postcard sized invitation with all the details on the back.  We then ordered a load of vintage looking ‘Y’ and ‘N’ scrabble pieces for people to attach to a luggage tag and send back to us as an RSVP.  I am yet to fashion these into a brilliantly creative piece of art but it will happen.  The maps were for Mike who is a Geographarian and the scrabble pieces were for me, an English teacher – the rest was everything we’d done together since we met.


NVWF:   How did you choose your dress?

I sketched the dress I wanted as soon as Mike had proposed but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  It was a kind of 50’s style, three quarter length ivory dress with lace three quarter length sleeves.  I tried a couple of others on but they just weren’t right.  I searched the internet and had my mom and three sisters doing the same and eventually three weeks before the wedding, I found it, it looked perfect.  My sister measured every inch of me and sure enough the dress was made and arrived about a week before the wedding and I loved it.  The boning was fabulous the skirt was beautiful the bodice was the perfect fit…but, the lace of the top and arms was really poor quality.  I was gutted.   My mom came to the rescue; we went to The Fancy Silk shop by Birmingham markets and bought a beautiful piece of lace then she got in touch with a fabulous dress maker she had known years ago, Eileen.  Eileen couldn’t quite believe how calm I was, not having a wedding dress less than 7 days before the big day, but she took the challenge on and amazingly altered the dress using the new lace in just a few days.  Mom and I were over the moon and my perfect dress was complete.


NVWF:   Did you have bridesmaids and what did they wear?

My bridesmaids were my three sisters, Clare, Oonagh and Adele; they were pretty much like me in terms of getting organised. I absolutely didn’t mind what they wore so long as they felt comfortable.  We eventually found a dress they’d all like to wear online but when all three arrived in a packet that was small enough to be posted through my letterbox, we were sceptical to say the least.  Adele had the answer though and swiftly went about ordering three fabulous ivory underskirts which created the perfect look.  A ribbon around the waist and a fascinator for everyone, perfect.


NVWF:  Tell us about your reception?

We chose our venue, Fazeley Studios after going through a number of different ideas from fields to church halls.  Eventually, we thought about how we love living in Birmingham and how we wanted everyone to be able to get to and from the venue with ease and little expense so started looking close to home.  We love the (former Birds) Custard Factory venue but we discovered that it was too small for our party and looked at Fazeley, the converted 1870′s chapel now part of it.  It was perfect – it really is a hidden gem. Situated in the middle of Digbeth, which is close to our hearts as the central hub of the Irish community but also as the ever growing music, art and fashion centre of Birmingham.  It was perfect for us; a beautiful, light and airy reception room with fantastic period features and exquisite furniture for all of our guests to lounge on and sip their flutes of fizz, plus a gorgeous court yard for our late night BBQ and the rebels to smoke in, a marble floor in the indoor garden which provided the perfect dance floor for the ravers and a bar that delivered a great atmosphere and ample seating for both the hard-core drinkers and the sit and chat types alike.


NVWF:   What was your entertainment like?

My dad, Frank pounced on the opportunity to test the acoustics of Fazely Studios .  He entertained us singing a collection of songs that are special to our family.  This was a surprise but what we’ve come to expect from our am-dram loving father, however, when my mom, Maureen joined in on the last number we were blown away!  Married for 40 years, they’re an inspiration to us.

NVWF:   Are there things you’d still like to do now the wedding is over?

We had a brilliant day and we know everyone else did too.  It’ll be a year ago next weekend and we might finally get our wonderful photographs made into an album and some prints for our walls but thankfully, in this day and age we can look at them whenever we want to online and now on this blog!


NVWF:   And finally, what advice would you give to anyone planning their wedding?

My advice would be to do it quick, don’t put yourself through the pressure of a long engagement, enjoy every minute of planning and organising, do it yourself, make it you.  And on marriage itself?  The greatest gift you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.


Photo Gallery -

Credits -

  • Dress:  Online/handmade, the Fancy silk shop Birmingham
  • Bridesmaid dresses:  Online
  • Venue: Ceremony: St Ambrose Barlow church, Reception: Fazely Studios, Digbeth
  • Photographer: Amy Radcliffe

Unless stated otherwise all photography :  Amy Radcliffe Photography

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Written by Sarah Gorlov.

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Weddings to survive April showers

The Italians say “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata,” which translated means “wet wedding, lucky marriage.”  Ok, we would all prefer good weather on our wedding day but what if that doesn’t happen?   Todays blog looks at some solutions to make a wet vintage wedding day better and some styling idea using items associated with the rain – great for any British wedding day!

The most obvious thing to add to your wedding day is to provide umbrellas for guests.  Source mismatching vintage umbrellas and place in baskets around the venue or add to any outside space in curves and lines creating a wall of brollies.93077252183416ffe36c45d95923c718


Embrace the rain by working it into your wedding photos.  Rain soaked photos can look absolutely stunning and very romantic.  If you cant beat ‘em, join ‘em!!!



Invest in a lovely heart umbrella for the use of the bride and groom exclusively.  Great for photo opportunities come rain or shine and something you can use afterwards.



Use lanterns, hurricane lamps and tea lights that wont be affected by rain or wind.  These look beautiful, are safe and will stay lit as long as you want whatever the elements through at them.



For an outdoor wedding its worth having a few small gazebos set up as shelters.  These can be decorated with fairy lights, balloons and other decorations and will be protection from the weather for your guests come rain or shine.



For a rainy day, field or farm wedding how about working wellies into your look!  You can buy bridal wellington boots in silver, gold and cream embellished with ribbon and diamante.  Or add to your bridemaid’s outfits with co-ordinating flowers and accessories for a fun yet practical solution to muddy ground.



And what about a few rainy day themed styling’s?

Add some fantastic floral displays in wellington boots in your venue.  There’s something so British about this and great for a rural inspired wedding day.  Use wild flowers and lots of foliage for a related slightly messy summer garden look.



Use vintage parasols and umbrellas as part of your decorations at your wedding venue.  Suspend with string and ribbon for a quirky, eclectic look your guests will remember.



We all love a nice wedding favour so go for some cute umbrella designed chocolates.  Add to other pastel coloured sweeties for an adorable rainy day look.



In Indonesian wedding tradition, couples sit under an umbrella while showered in a mixture of goodness.  Turmeric rice - to symbolize prosperity and everlasting love; coins - to remind couples to share their wealth with the less fortunate; and candy – to represent sweetness throughout our marriage.  Why not add this tradition to your wedding day whether raining or not?



So, come rain or shine, make your wedding day the best days possible!

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Written by Sarah Gorlov

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A 1970′s style Rustic Wedding

In todays real weddings blog we get the chance to see the fantastic June wedding of Laura Jones and Jimmy Adams in Ripon, North Yorkshire.  Incorporating a rustic relaxed feel with cool retro vibes this wedding is a really wonderful quirky mix.

NVWF:   Tell us about yourselves? How long have you know each other? When did you get engaged and then when did you marry?

I’m Laura Jones, an office Manager and vintage lover and my husband is James Adams a design manager.  We met via online dating - Jimmy’s online profile said he wouldn’t date someone outside his 25 mile radius but for me he bent the rules!  Initially I had no idea Jimmy was going to propose, but then he went and left a ring sized chart on the coffee table (he has a habit of emptying his pockets around the house!). Subtlety isn’t my strong point and I immediately quizzed him. In between his girlish giggles, and lack of words I quickly realised a proposal was on the cards. This duly happened at 5.15am in the departures cafe at Leeds/Bradford Airport on our way to the Canary Islands over a hot chocolate. Gobsmacked, delighted, shattered but not shocked, I said yes.  He proposed with my nana’s vintage engagement ring so had to ask my parents beforehand. He’d taken the diamond out (originates from Antwerp) and had it reset into another ring he’d designed with an engraved message inside.

Jim and Lauras Wedding-Highlights-0058

NVWF:   What was your vision for your wedding when you were growing up a was it vintage or more traditional?

Definitely not traditional!  We really wanted to get involved in creating our wedding as much as possible – Jimmy’s a graphic designer which was a massive advantage as we could design everything from the invites down to the wooden signage at the reception. We’re also starting up a vintage clothing company so had a lot of vintage china, props and furniture which we could throw at it, along with lots of enthusiasm and creativity.  We used a colour palate of red, orange, sky blue, cream and lemon and our theme was based around a circus inspired vintage wedding. We watched 1930′s set ‘Water for Elephants’ after deciding on the circus theme and our imaginations went wild!

View More: http://natashacadman.pass.us/jimandlaura

NVWF:   With it being an rustic wedding was there are lot of flowers?

Our florists were wonderful – full of ideas but willing to work with us on our own. The brief I provided was fairly open ‘rustic, rustic, rustic with lots of colour and textures.  My bouquet was a rustic hand tied groups of Sunflowers, Gyp, Blue Gentia, Orange Asclapia, Tansy Daisies, big leaves and bound with string.  The bridesmaids had smaller bouquets in the same flower arrangements created, with each one looking slightly different which was great.

During the ceremony, we had whimsical, Summery arrangements including sunflowers on white wooden stands on either side of table. These were later taken to Hill Top Farm.  Sunflowers and gyp were used the most, alongside peonies, snapdragons, gerberas, alchemila mollis, orange spray roses, delphinium, spray chrysanths and tansy daisies. These were all provided by the stem, and we arranged them in vintage tins and bottles, vases and wonderful customised jars throughout Hill Top Farm, our reception venue.

Jim and Lauras Wedding-Highlights-0013

NVWF:   How did you choose your venue?

We only looked at one venue which was Hill Top Farm as we immediately fell in love with the blank canvas it offered us and its stunning surroundings. The owners (the fabulous Laura and Rob) did mention that the main reason people back away from using the venue is simply the sheer scale of the task when faced with the brief ‘you can do whatever you want.’ We could plan our day just the way we wanted and lessen some of the more traditional formalities.  A massive benefit was we could occupy the site from the Wednesday until Sunday with camping free for all. Our wedding went from being a one day event, to a mini festival overnight, where lots of our guests contributed to dressing up the barn and more importantly were given the opportunity to make new friends as they spent time amongst the wedding party before the big day.

Jim and Lauras Wedding-Highlights-0091

We chose Swinton Park for the ceremony purely because it was 2 miles away from Hill Top Farm. We actually booked Swinton before we even looked round as we were so certain about Hill Top! Having viewed it finally, we couldn’t believe our luck as it was going to appeal to the more conservative guests attending the wedding. We had amazing photo opportunities, and having two completely different venues made the day a fascinating spectacle for all. There was always something to marvel at – this is what we wanted to create!

View More: http://natashacadman.pass.us/jimandlaura

View More: http://natashacadman.pass.us/jimandlaura

NVWF:   How did you choose your dress?

I ended up buying two dresses having got cold feet about the first one. I finally decided on an ivory 1970s inspired lace crocheted full length dress with gorgeous bell sleeves from an Etsy store – DreamersLA. The idea was based on Jenny’s dress in Forrest Gump – I wanted something free flowing which wouldn’t hinder my enjoyment!  I also wore a huge purple flower crown from ASOS Marketplace.

View More: http://natashacadman.pass.us/jimandlaura

Jim and Lauras Wedding-Highlights-0061

NVWF:   Did you have bridesmaids.  What did they wear?

I wanted my bridesmaids to all wear something they loved. I wasn’t bothered about them matching at all, in fact I wanted them to show their personalities through their dress choices and ensure they were all comfortable. We both had best men so it was going to be unconventional from the start setting the precedence for all the outfits.

Jim and Lauras Wedding-0291

NVWF:   And what about the groom?

Jimmy wore a brightly coloured teal suit from Topman, with red leather shoes. He loosely modelled himself on the lead character from the film ‘Django Unchained’ with a white shirt, waistcoat and bow tie.  The groomsmen wore whatever they liked in same theme as bridesmaids.

View More: http://natashacadman.pass.us/jimandlaura

NVWF:   How did you choose your photographer?

I was introduced to Natasha by a mutual friend, as she was photographing their wedding day. We instantly clicked and have become great friends – it was an easy choice asking Natasha to document our day.

NVWF:   How did the day of the wedding work?

It had rained every day the week prior to the wedding, so we were delighted with a sunny morning, followed by some cloud in the afternoon/evening.  A massive benefit of using Hill Top Farm was we could occupy the site from the Wednesday until Sunday with camping free for all. Our wedding went from being a 1 day event, to a mini festival overnight, where lots of our guests contributed to dressing up the barn and more importantly were given the opportunity to make new friends as they spent time amongst the wedding party before the big day.  We had 70 day guests and 30 extra for the evening do – weddings can be expensive for guests too and we were adamant this wasn’t going to cost an arm and a leg for them so we laid on free camping, kept bar prices to a minimum and arranged a BBQ of thanks for all to enjoy, the night before.

One of our best friends, Spike has a gift for all things musical and he was honoured to provide some of the evening entertainment. He brought a music system, drums and guitars over from Ireland in his little van, and set up on the farm’s trailer stage. He also played our first song which was Jackson by Johnny Cash and performed with many guests throughout the evening. We mixed this up with our own itunes playlist which featured vintage tea party music in the day followed by party tunes in the evening.

Jim and Lauras Wedding-0942

View More: http://natashacadman.pass.us/jimandlaura

NVWF:   Tell us about some of the details you used on the day?

We used a real mix of decorations including around 250metres of homemade bunting, vintage circus posters, homemade pallet wood signs, helium balloons, hanging lampshades, haybale sofas, homemade wooden candelabras, a decorated chandelier and around 150 candle jars.

For the seating plan every guest had a cigarette card style name card with their photo on one side and a poem on the back. A personalised rhyme for all 70 guests was created which led them to their seat. They took days to produce but all our guests still have them which is lovely.  We had table names ranging from circus themed such as ‘The Bradfordian Family Circus,’ and ‘The Stars of the Show’ to more family themed ‘The Relative Knowns,’ ‘Freya’s Fancies’ and ‘Betty’s Batallion.

We also transformed 4 stables into a backstage circus room, a sweet shop, a photo-booth and a memories room.  The memories room featured weddings within the family back to our grandparents. We also placed pictures of people that couldn’t make it in 26 beautiful hand crafted frames.  As favours we had a tea towel screen printed for every guest featuring everyone’s names thanking them for their love and support.

Jim and Lauras Wedding-Highlights-0080

Jim and Lauras Wedding-0601

NVWF:   What was the best part of the day?

One of my personal highlights was when my dad got a picture of my Grandma out on her wedding day and told me she was with us just before we set off to the ceremony  – there were lots of happy tears.  The ceremony was the most exciting part – it was so genuine and carefree filled with lots of love and this continued on the journey from Swinton Park to Hill Top in a convertible car which belted out ‘Big Country’ – an operatic tune which was the perfect soundtrack to the beginning of our new life together.  For Jimmy it was probably his sister debuting on the drums at 32 years old!  Jim’s jaw was dragging on the floor such was his shock – having never played the drums before she was a real natural.  One of the biggest joys was watching our guests flutter from stable to stable taking in all the weird and wonderful things that each room provided. Everyone loved the photo booth room which included clown collars and outfits, red noses and even an authentic WW2 helmet. People who we may have wrongly prejudged to not get involved were in the middle of the action and it was a pleasure to see people enjoying the day as much as you!

View More: http://natashacadman.pass.us/jimandlaura

NVWF:   And finally what advice would you give other brides?

Marry the person who makes you want to be a better person and who loves you for you – if you share a vision, the planning is so much easier and enjoyable.  Use your imagination to the max and let your personalities shine through.  The best advice I got before the wedding was ‘I woke up feeling calm – all the worrying before the day was for nothing.’  Sounds silly but I’d not really thought much about my actual enjoyment of the day leading up to it as I was so busy sorting out all the details.  In the end you really really LOVE your wedding day – what a revelation!

View More: http://natashacadman.pass.us/jimandlaura

Photo Gallery -

Credits -

Unless stated otherwise all photography : Natasha Cadman

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Written by Sarah Gorlov

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