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20 New Years Wedding Resolutions

…we wish we’d made! Don’t let planning a wedding take over your life.  There’s no law that says your wedding has to take over every second of your life.  yes its important but so are other things too. Start early.  Whether its making 200 favours, losing that final half stone, finding the perfect DJ – the […] Read more…

How to pack for your Honeymoon like a pro

Once you’ve picked a destination and booked the honeymoon suite, there’s one big to-do left on your honeymoon list – to pack. Here are some tips for packing well and travelling smoothly to keep you feeling as happy as when you said your vows. Start early – Start to plan early (especially if you’re leaving at the […] Read more…

Wedding Cake by Pink Cocoa as shown at the National Vintage Wedding Fair

How to preserve the top of your wedding cake

Do you fancy saving part of your wedding cake to use as a 1st anniversary cake or even a Christening cake?  We love this age old tradition at National Vintage Wedding fair and in todays blog we show you a few tips that can help you do it successfully: Firstly, it may sound obvious bit […] Read more…

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